Gas’s political might

Gas’s political might
Gas’s political might
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In an E&ETV interview, Dr. Alexander Mirtchev, founder of the Krull Corporation and a top international consultant on energy security and or markets, explains the role of energy security as such and particularly the issue of Russian natural gas supply via the Ukraine into the heart of Europe. Russia claims that Ukraine is essentially shutting off the pipelines that would allow this gas to go to Europe, but now Ukraine and Russia have finally reached an agreement with the European nations on resuming the supply of natural gas from Russia to Europe.

“We must analyze this issue as is seen from the point of view different countries in the region and how they project their political interests on the situation,” says Dr. Alexander Mirtchev who serves also as a senior economic adviser to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “Russia is reinforcing its energy clout on the international sphere, playing their significant advantage in energy sources. They are trying to get the maximum benefits from the resources they have. We are going to see this situation reemerging again and again and again on a regular basis. In the end of the process Russia will make palatable concessions to the West.”

“This greatly impacts European nations however what can Europe be doing to protect itself from not getting the flow of natural gas that it needs?”

“First of all it’s a finite resource and obviously Russia is going to apply the rules of supply. They need to diversify but in addition to resolve the issue which is much more a political one. Europe should negotiate treaties in a constructive way, so Russians will abandon their premises of the equation and work out a coordinated agreement and separate the issue of energy. But Europeans must have a strong and united voice before anything like this happen.”


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